Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Snow Dyed Fat Quarters

Sorry I haven't posted lately. August is always a busy time of year for me. I have 2 children with birthdays 2 days apart in August. My daughter Rachel's birthday is the 15th and my son Josh's is the 17th. We always celebrate them together. When they were little, I always made sure they each had their own cake. I have some wonderful children and I have been blessed with 2 others that I have helped raise from a young age. In all, I have 3 beautiful and special daughters and a handsome talented son. They each have their own special gifts and I love them all dearly.

Well enough of that--sorry I got carried away there. Get to the quilt stuff. I have been washing & ironing lots of my old stash fabrics. You will be seeing some of those starting to pop up on my Etsy site soon. I have added some snow dyed or hand dyed fat quarters there already. I will be working to get them up on as well.

My cat Diz--short for Dizaster was picking her favorite.
Yes you will probably get a few cat hairs with your fabric. She is my sewing buddy and she's sooo cute.
"No please don't make me get out of the scrap basket".
Okay I need to get serious here.
 A preview of some of the snow dyed fat quarters.

 I like the little guy with the mustache in this one.

Some of these might end up in my pin cushion.

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Mara said...

Really beautiful colors, I also like the mustache one, it also looks like he has horns and the bottom one is just gorgeous, love that blend of colors, orange and yellow.

mabear said...

Sorry I missed your comment for a few days. I have been canning green beans. I really love doing the snow and ice dying. You just never know what you will end up with. It is so much fun to look for all the different things that show up. I have one that truly looks like there is a demon in it (that's what I call it). I did have it up for sale but my husband wants to keep it. He said I'd never get that to happen again. I'm not sure I want it to! I will be adding more pieces. By the time I get them all up it will be snowing again. Some of it I'm going to make some skirts and tops out of. Thanks for reading. I'll try to put a pic of the purple demon up for you. Sandy

mabear said...
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