Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh the Weather Reports and 15% Off Sale

I didn't go to the Barn today after all. I listened to the weather report this morning. They said the wind was going to blow a steady 10-15 mph with gust to 30 mph today. I don't think it really happened. I did not go today because we fought the wind all day Friday and the dust was really bad. I was worried that today would be worse. It wasn't at my house. I don't know if it was in Hamilton. I think I missed going today because I listened to the weather report. Oh well I guess that's the breaks when you do outdoor activities. I did make good use of the day though. I spent it with my youngest daughter, Katy. We did some ice dyeing. It was both fun and productive. I'll put up pictures after it gets finished. I have one that is an ice dyed parfait. Now doesn't that sound interesting. We shall see!   Sale at the shop--15% off everything!!!!
Have a good Memorial Day,

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